Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #2

Megan & Alexander – Picture Perfect

Megan was born in Virginia, grew up in the Outer Banks of NC, and went to college in Texas, where she lived 15 minutes from the love of her life (Kirk- her husband) and didn’t even know it. Megan took a picture at a New Year’s Party and low and behold, Kirk was in the background of that picture. It wasn’t until they were dating that they discovered this hidden fact. Now living in Charlotte, she is an executive assistant for the IT department at Vanguard. Although the benefits are great in the corporate world, it doesn’t quite fulfill the desire to do what she truly loves. Megan’s  passion lies in the art of photography. After her son was born, she wanted to stay at home with him all day and take pictures. She began thinking outside the box and started creating adorable scenes to take pictures. Megan even entered one of her pictures (Alexander in a giant bowl of fruit loops) in a contest. This sparked the idea that she may one day be able to follow her dream. If you stay tuned to Tot Moms, you will see Madison and I in a lovely picture, taken by the lovely Megan.

Alexander will be turning two years old in June and plans on having a Hawaiian Luau theme, since he is now a big boy. He earned the nickname “Boogins”, which started out as Sugar Bear. Mom had experimented with many nicknames and landed on Sugar Bear. She wasn’t fond of that name, so it eventually grew into “Boogins”, which is too cute! Alexander’s favorite spots to play consist of Discovery Place, any pond where he can feed the geese, Lazy Five Ranch, or just anywhere outside where he can get down and dirty. He is learning many new words and can even tell you his name (well sometimes). For example, Megan was in the kitchen and asked him to say his name. Alexander said, “Name.” Mommy once again asked him to say his name. He said, “Name.” She picked him up and said, “Alexander, say your name.”  He said, “Poop.” Well, I guess we can’t win them all!

The hardest thing about being a tot mom, for Megan, is getting her son to eat. The best thing is the feeling that you are the only one that exists in your tot’s eyes. Her favorite story goes like this. ” I picked Alexander up one day from preschool and saw him across the room. He took one look at me, threw all of his toys in the air, and bolted towards me. Running into my arms, he hit my chest like a freight train.” She continued on to say that it felt as if no one else existed, but her.


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