Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #3

Crystal and Addison — All Smiles

Crystal is originally from New York and moved here to go to college at Campbell University, where she studied Psychology. Once she earned her degree, she worked for a few years doing group therapy with children and bartending at night before landing a job as the HR director for a locally owned refrigeration company. Aside from her career, Crystal likes playing softball, cooking, playing with their 3 dogs, and experimenting with home improvement projects. She and her husband met  while studying at Campbell and eventually moved back to Charlotte after graduation. It was evident from the moment I met her that she was a sweet person. She immediately made room for my little one and I to play with her and Addison in the little house at Discovery Place Kids.

Addison is ten months old and has a smile that lights up the entire room. She instantly smiled when Madison and I sat down to play with her and Crystal watched adoringly as her tot shared the toys with us. Addison is mostly referred to as “Addie”, however, she earned the nickname “Addie Cat” in her daycare, so sometimes the family catches themselves saying it. She is also referred to as “Goat” because she has been known to tear the artwork down off of the walls and gnaw on the paper so they’ve had to move everything up on the wall past Addie’s reach. She and her mommy love going to Discovery Place Kids and any local park, especially if they have swings. I can’t even imagine how adorable Addison looks swinging back and forth, with a smile so addicting you can’t look away.

For Crystal, the hardest thing about being a tot mom was when Addie was going through her colicky stage. The best thing is the fact that she and her husband were prepared. They planned for Addy and were ready and willing to give her their full attention and love. No wonder Addison can’t stop smiling!


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