Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #5

Kim and Molly — Girly Girls

Kim was born and raised North of Charlotte in Statesville. She moved to Charlotte to attend UNC Charlotte where she earned her degree in nursing and now works in medical sales for breast prosthesis. She met her husband Marc at a local hot spot called Rusty Rudder and they have been married for 5 years. When Kim is not busy with her family and career, she enjoys having a girl’s day of shopping, manicures, and pedicures. Recently she has taken up the art of scrap booking and has been really enjoying it. Kim has a kind heart that immediately shows in her smile and soft voice. Molly and Mark are lucky to have this mommy in their lives.

Molly is absolutely adorable from the curls in her hair to the wiggle in her tush when she walks. Molly was nine and a half pounds when she was born November 4, earning her the nickname “pumpkin butt”. Her favorite place to go is Toast for their delicious blueberry pancakes. She also likes Little Gym, where she and Madison met. Molly is a little social butterfly and will say “HI” to just about anyone. She also enjoys wearing hats and sunglasses, the classic sign of a diva!

For Kim, the hardest thing about being a tot mom is keeping organized. The best thing is watching Molly reach milestones. Everything is new and it is so much fun to watch her go through each experience!


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