Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #6

Mary Nicole & Sofia — Go Getters

Mary Nicole is originally from Helena Montana and attended the University of North Dakota where she earned two degrees, one in marketing and the other in French. Loving French accents myself, I asked her to speak a little for me. Of course, it sounded very sexy! Mary Nicole did marketing for Coldwell Banker United Realtors until she had her tot, Sofia. Her little one became a priority, so she decided to be a stay at home mommy with her own business. She now focuses her business time on growing her marketing and graphic design company, which is called Metamorphosis Marketing & Design. Her motto is Transform, Grow, Succeed. Mary Nicole is a go getter with a ton of ambition and pride in her work. Even on her down time, she likes to run, travel, and design just for fun. Occasionally, she will sit to watch a good movie. This on the go mommy is hard working and dedicated to her job and family.

Sofia is turning one soon and ready to take off. Holding onto mommy’s fingers, she can already run around the room. Her daddy gave her the nickname ‘Soda Pop’. I asked him how that name started and he replied with a smile, “Everyone has a favorite soda, and Sofia is my favorite soda pop.” Unbelievably cute! She loves being outside, especially when there are dogs around. She calls out “Woof” as the puppies run by. Her first word was dada, followed by mama, and now her big word is ‘bye bye’. Sofia loves other babies and conversing in baby babble with them. As she and Madison enjoyed a snack together (Gerber puffs of course), Sofia gently stroked Madi’s hair and smiled. It was so sweet, I could have just squeezed her chubby little cheeks!

For Mary Nicole, the hardest thing about being a tot mom is when her husband travels. The best thing is when she gets Sofia out of bed in the morning. Morning time is special between these two and she wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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