Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #9

Renee & Scarlet –Sweet as pie

Renee was born and raised in Iowa and attended Northern Illinois University, where she earned a degree in Textiles Apparel & Merchandising. She has been working in restaurants her whole life and is now in Food Sales for Sysco. You may be wondering how her career connects to her degree. I asked Renee the same question and she responded with a smile, “It doesn’t!” She met her husband a few years back during a Bachelorette and Bachelor party. At the end of the night, the two groups met up and she was introduced to Todd. A couple months later, they went out on a date, fell in love, and have been married for three years next month. In ’07 she moved with her husband to Florida so he could pursue his career as a Software Engineer. Renee and Todd are newcomers to Charlotte, having just recently moved here in August ’10. They may be sticking around for a while, since Renee is 7 1/2 months pregnant. For fun, she likes to workout and is looking forward to returning to the gym after her little one arrives. This mommy has a glow about her that shines bright while she watches her tot play.

Scarlet is as pretty as her name, with bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and ruby red lips. Nature has blessed this child! She does not have a nickname, however, as an infant, mommy used to call her ‘pumpkin eater’. Scarlet is 14 months old and active as can be. Her favorite thing to do is to be outside and mom says, “She is so cute outside and the best baby when she can run around and play.” Scarlet is so sweet and loves to blow kisses. As she was leaving Little Gym, she turned her head and blew Madison and I a kiss. We caught it and placed it on Madi’s cheek. Thank you, Scarlet!

The hardest thing for Renee is Scarlet heading into the toddler stage while she is pregnant. Having two babies under two is going to be difficult, yet rewarding at the same time. The best thing is that everyday is new and her love for Scarlet continues to grow every day.


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