Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #10

Erica, Tyler, & Anthony — Travelers at Heart

Erica was born and raised in Vermont, living there for 25 years before moving to Florida. She became a dental assistant right out of high school and continued until she made the decision to be a stay at home mommy. She met her husband Paul when she moved to Florida. Erica’s friend threw her a huge birthday party and invited everyone in the apartment complex. She met Paul that evening and discovered that he lived in the apartment below hers. They hit it off and have been married now for eight years. Erica and Paul moved to Charlotte 5 years ago and are now settled with their two adorable boys, Tyler & Anthony. Some of Erica’s favorite past times are bike riding, taking long walks, and traveling. Her family loves to travel everywhere, especially if it has to do with being outdoors. She and her husband are even discussing the possibility of purchasing a camper. It is either a camper or a boat, who can choose? Either way, they are in for some family fun in the future. Erica also enjoys baking, mostly cookies, pies, and banana bread. She must have a special talent, as her son put it, “Mommy’s banana bread and pies  are so yummy!” Unwinding with a nice cold beer with the girls is also another favorite activity she enjoys. Sounds like my kind of mommy!

Tyler is almost seven years old and attends Kindergarten at the Community School of Davidson. He is an outgoing little boy with many things to say, including stories about mommy and daddy. He offered up a story about mommy and daddy in Vegas. Nothing too naughty, folks! Tyler told me his mom saw Bon Jovi and took off running after him, while dad chased mom. Funny! When I asked Tyler what he likes he told me Imagine X (Batman), dinosaurs, cars, and snow. He, like every other child, wants 100 days of snow. Anthony is going on one and is one unusual little guy. Mom told me he literally toots his own horn. He has been able to blow a whistle for some time now and Erica has never seen a baby do that before. Anthony also has the cute habit of placing his hands behind his head, signaling he is hungry. Erica’s boys are like two little men already, figuring out the world and experimenting with new things every day.

Erica says the hardest thing about being a mom of a seven year old and a Tot Mom is finding enough time to get everything done. The best thing is getting to spend time with the kids and being able to be there while they experience new things. Erica loves being a stay at home mommy!


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