Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #11

Kelly, Milan, & Michaela — Ladies and the gentleman

Kelly is a Louisiana girl at heart, born and raised. She lived there most of her life and attended Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, where she earned a degree in PR and mass communications. Kelly is now an advisor at UNC Charlotte for the newspaper staff, working with them in advertising sales. She met her husband, Milan, at a Japanese Steakhouse in Lousiana. He was the Hibachi chef there and let’s just say Kelly enjoyed  the show! They have been married for 5 years this June and have two beautiful twins, Milan & Michaela. Their soul purpose for moving to North Carolina was for better employment, yet they have really grown to love the Charlotte area. For date night, they enjoy dinner and a movie, specifically the Cajun Queen down on 7th street. This tot mom of two is busy with her babies and stated that she doesn’t have any hobbies that lay outside of the realm of taking care of her twins. She is heavily involved with her Charlotte Mothers of Multiples group and enjoys attending consignment sales, as well as lunch dates with other twin tot moms. It was amazing to talk with Kelly and feel her positive energy as she shared her life with me. When asked if she had a tip for other tot moms, she replied, “Make a schedule and stick to it!” Maybe that is why she was so bubbly, happy, and full of life.

The twin’s nicknames originated in Slovakia with their grandmother. Milan is named after his father, so he became known as Milanko, which means “little Milan” in Slovakian. Michaela’s nickname is Miska (pronounced Mishka). They enjoy many activities including Gymboree in Lake Norman, playing in the Birkdale fountain, and going to their friends’ birthday parties. The tots are also very fond of one another. If someone enters the house and one of the twins is sleeping, the other will put their fingers over their lips to shush the guests. Milan is also a little gentleman when it comes to his sister. He always grabs two cups of milk and kindly delivers the goods to sweet Michaela. Their only squabble at this point is when Milan cries, in which case Michaela will place her fingers in her ears. Smart tot! It was incredible to watch the two of them play so nicely together as if they already know they hold a special bond.

Kelly stated that the hardest thing about being a twin tot mom is when one is upset and she is trying to console him/her, it is hard to give attention to the other. She tries to convey to her little ones that she loves them both, yet sometimes one needs more attention at the moment. It is hard to get that point across to toddlers! The best thing is when her babies smile because they are happy and content, which is what every mother wants to see in her tot.


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