Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #12

Jennifer, William, & Benjamin — Love to Cuddle

Jennifer is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Texas when she was in high school. Continuing on with Texan pride, she attended Texas Tech University, where she earned a degree in Speech Therapy. Jennifer is now a Speech Therapist for Pediatric Expressions, which is a private practice she started in 1999. When deciding where she wanted to live after college, Charlotte was high on the list. She had always liked Charlotte and just needed a reason to move here. Finding a job in Speech Therapy gave her that reason and she has been living here for sixteen years. She and her husband, Rob, met through a dating site ( and knew from date one that they clicked. They have been married for five years and keep the sparks flying by having dinner date nights, especially at Birkdale Village. Jennifer also threw in the fact that date nights are amazing because she doesn’t have to cook or clean and she can have uninterrupted conversation. All mommies can say Hallelujah to that wonderful statement! Having time for hobbies is a no go for this busy tot mom. During her spare time, she keeps busy with her own baby business, CuddleTug. Jennifer stated that her babies would pinch, pull, and tug while she was nursing, so she decided to make nursing necklaces to keep her babies entertained. What a great, unique concept! This tot mom is not only intelligent, but creative as well.

William, age 3, and Benjamin, age 1, were the sweetest little boys. Madison and I were walking in Birkdale Village and ran into the boys as they were playing. William began talking to us immediately and Benjamin held up the basketball as if he wanted us to come play. Who could resist? The boys’ nicknames used to be Turkey 1 (William) and Turkey 2 (Benjamin). William decided he wanted to change the names since he was three and Benjamin was one. It was only fair since he was older! Now, the boys are referred to as Turkey 3 (William) and Turkey 1 (Benjamin). The boys both love going to Discovery Place Kids, having play dates with friends, and being outside where they can play sports. William also adores babies. He was playing with Madison the whole time, giving her toy cars and hugging her when he had the chance. It was absolutely a treat to watch!

The hardest thing about being a tot mom, for Jennifer, is trying to find balance between her family life and career. Luckily, she has a great babysitter. The best thing is seeing everything through her tots’ eyes and she counts her blessings everyday, so thankful for the life they have.

CuddleTug Nursing Necklace


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