Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #15

Kathryn & Vivian — The story of love

Kathryn is from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania  and attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. After graduating with a degree in Technical Writing, she moved to Los Angeles California to pursue her dream of screen writing. Her career took an alternative route as she moved into the world of technical writing, which consists of writing user manuals, training guides, etc. As Kathryn put it, “I wrote everything that nobody reads.” We had a nice laugh with that comment. Kathryn moved to Charlotte in 2004 to help take care of her grandmother. Along with her move, she switched gears on the work front and joined Real Estate with Coldwell Bankers. After a short while, she decided to open her own Real Estate Company,  Dream Realty. Kathryn left realty to get back to her writing “roots” and is now a business process analyst. It’s a great job because she gets to travel occasionally and work at home part-time, meaning more time with Vivian. Dream Realty is still alive and well, however, because it is now run by Merrill, her husband. She and Merrill met each other through and have been married for three years next month. For fun, this couple enjoy multiple activities. They love going to concerts and live shows, as well as baseball games, particularly to see the Charlotte Knights. Their favorite places to dine include The Liberty and Sullivans, located in the south end of Charlotte. Kathryn used to be pretty athletic, having run in several sprint triathalons, 5 ks, and 10 ks, along with being an avid tennis player. She is hoping to get back into the groove and lose the baby weight, “if you can still call it baby weight”, as Kathryn put it. It came to no surprise when I asked Kathryn about her hobbies and she began discussing creative writing. She has a great passion for writing and still pictures herself writing a screen play some day. As she spoke about her life in Los Angeles, there was a spark in her eyes. She went on to tell me about her moment in the spotlight when she pitched a show in Hollywood to Carsey-Werner Productions (That 70’s show, The Cosby Show). Needless to say, her show was not chosen, yet she continues to smile and say, “One day!”

Vivian, also known as Viv or Vivi, is 18 months old. She is 34 inches tall and Kathryn says the height comes from her husband. Vivian is one of those babies you hear about that does everything a little early for her age. She started walking at 10 months and has been talking since she greeted the world. Being a talker, she knows many words, including the adorable “night,night” she whispers to mommy before laying down to sleep. Vivian is also a lover of water! In fact, Madi and I met them while playing in the Birkdale Fountain. Vivian was walking through the water as it shot up from the ground and didn’t even mind the fact that she was fully clothed. In addition to playing in water, she also enjoys playing at Freedom Park and climbing on everything. Kathryn stated, ” She is going to give me a heart attack!” Don’t worry, mom, the fun has just begun.

Kathryn told me the hardest thing about being a tot mom is keeping up and chasing an 18 month old. The best thing,however, is the unconditional love, happiness, and shear joy when she sees her mommy. She continued on to say that if she knew motherhood was going to be like this, she would have started years ago.


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