Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #17

Tripp, Evan, & Rebecca– On the go

Rebecca was born in St. Louis, yet calls Kansas City her hometown. When she was a child, her family moved around a great deal due to her father’s job with IBM. They moved from St. Louis, to Atlanta (where her sister was born), to Texas, to Illinois, and finally Kansas City. Rebecca moved to the Charlotte area to go to Davidson College and she has lived here ever since. She graduated with a degree in Math (one of eight students in her class) and now works for Verigent, LLC, which is an IT staffing company. She and her husband (Trip) met in college at a party. Believe it or not, he owned a local Dominos and was the youngest franchisee in Domino history. They have been together for 18 years and got married on their 6th anniversary. Rebecca and Trip love to travel, go on cruises, and visit warm regions. Prior to having Evan, their traveling occurred more often! This Tot Mom also enjoys reading, specifically murder mysteries. Having a nice, quiet evening curled up with a great book is the best way to relax and have a mommy moment.

Evan, also known as Little E, is sixteen months old and has started walking recently within the last week. Mommy and daddy are very excited! Just wait guys, it gets even better. What I noticed about Little E the most is that he is always smiling. It must be easy to entertain him since he loves just about everything. His favorite thing to do lately is to play with blocks. He takes them all out of the box, then puts them all back. Or he will shake the box and they spill out and he puts them back. Fun! I wish I could be entertained like this, life would be much simpler. Evan also likes to play Boo. He places his hands over his face and lets go, shouting “Boo!” Like mommy, he will also sit in his chair and read books. Besides going to Little Gym, Evan and mommy go to the Huntersville aquatic center and will be taking swim lessons this summer. Good luck, Evan, you are going to be great.

Rebecca told me the hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is getting Evan to hurry up so they can reach their destinations on time. He is often in a great mood and just takes his good old time. The best thing is when he sees her, his face lights up. They could be in a room full of people and when he makes eye contact with her, it is like he knows everything is going to be fine.


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