Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Madison and I are honored to have our first sponsor for Tot Moms. Metamorphosis Marketing & Design is a company specializing in marketing, graphic design, and business solutions. Mary Nicole Myles (Tot Mom #6) is the owner of Metamorphosis and the talent behind the beautiful Tot Moms logo. Her creativity and professionalism with the logo exceeded all expectations, which prompted my desire for the design of business cards for Tot Moms.

Whether you want to transform your business and watch it grow, or have specially designed announcements or invitations on a personal level, Metamorphosis will use impacting designs to grab the attention of your audience. Click on the Metamorphosis banner to the right side of the screen to learn more about this incredible company and the possibilities Mary Nicole has to offer.

As you explore the Metamorphosis website, take notice of the intricate designs created for each unique project. In particular, the Tot Moms logo has a soft, warm feel from the elegant colors to the bubble that wraps the mother and child. I fell in love the moment I saw this logo and I’m proud to say that it represents everything a Tot Mom stands for.


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