Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #20

Virginia & Alyssa — Pretty & Proper

Virginia (Ginny) was born in Charleston, West Virgina, making her a mountain momma, just like myself. She attended WV State University and earned her degree in English Education 5th -12th. Ginny taught high school for two years in West Virginia before moving to Charlotte in 2002, where she taught high school for three years and now works for the English Department at CPCC. She is currently teaching a summer course and finds it a little more challenging to fit in a whole semester worth of material in just a few short weeks. Ginny loves to learn and stretch her expertise in English, so she is planning on earning her Masters in English. When she is not teaching, Ginny spends all of her spare time with Alyssa. She commented that she doesn’t get much “mommy time”, however, once in a blue moon she will get to meet up with friends for dinner, coffee, or a movie.

Alyssa turned two years old  in April and is known for liking just about everything. She is a girly girl who loves dolls, ballerinas, princesses, and dressing up in tutus. On the flip side, she is a tomboy who loves playing with cars and jumping. Alyssa is into sesame street and Elmo, as well as a new show called “Yo Gabba Gabba”. She also likes the cartoon Wonderpets. I’m not familiar with any of the kids shows today since my baby still likes Baby Einstein! She and mommy enjoy going out to eat and going to parks. They also read a lot of books and attend story time at various libraries, Davidson being the favorite. Of course they also attend Discovery Place Kids!

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is scheduling work and life in general, around Alyssa’s naps. The best thing is getting to watch her grow, learn, and be sweet!


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