Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #23

Katheryn, Nash, & Grant — What’s up Good Lookin’?

Katheryn is a mountain girl at heart, having been raised in Bluefield, Virginia’s Tallest Town. She attended Virginia Tech and earned her degree in Human Nutrition Foods & Exercise Science. Kathy was a personal trainer  and involved in many activities, including cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, and tennis. Today, her exercise consists of one day at the gym and chasing her boys around all day. Kathy moved to Charlotte after college and went into sales before deciding to earn her degree in nursing from Queen’s University. She now works on the surgical floor at Presbyterian Main in Charlotte. Working 20 hours a week is the perfect balance for her family. Her husband, Ben, went to Bluefield College in Virginia and they met a few times through mutual friends. A few years later, they ran into each other while out in Charlotte and have been together for 9 years, married for 5. Like most couples with young children, they don’t get a chance to have many date nights. Twice a year, they go away to the beach to reconnect! They also enjoy going out to dinner, watching sports, and attending concerts. Kathy and Ben own a boat, so their family outings consist of going out on Lake Norman to a secluded spot where the boys can play. Kathy’s hobbies are reading and cooking. She is Italian, so her cuisine’s are typically Italian. Luckily, her husband is a good ol’ country boy who likes fried food! Just teasing, he loves Kathy’s cooking, no matter what dish she serves.

Nash is 2 1/2 years old and goes by two nicknames. The first is  ‘Boogie’, which was pinned by mom. The second is ‘Shankie’ from the well known ‘Shankapotomas’ E trade baby commercials. Nash looked like the E trade baby, so dad began calling him ‘Shankie’, however, that name faded. He loves Thomas the Train, cars, and dinosaurs. Nash also enjoys playing chase and his favorite activity is ‘running’. Besides being active, he is smart and has a great memory. On the more loving side, Nash is a nature boy and will go up to a tree and hug it while whispering, “I love you tree.” Grant is 14 months old and a little more laid back than his ‘serious’ older brother. He goes by the nickname ‘tink’, shortened from stinky. Kathy and her husband call Grant their “pretty boy” because he is as pretty as a little girl. In my opinion, both boys are really handsome. There is no doubt the girls will be chasing them when they get older. Grant likes nursery rhymes and songs, as well as keeping up with his big brother during a wrestling match. His favorite thing to do is play in the coozy drawer, so dad sometimes calls him ‘cooz’. Lots of nicknames flying in this family!

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is managing the boys’ schedules together. The best thing is “the joy they give me”. They are sweet kids and there is no better feeling than being a mom.


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