Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #24

Stacey, Eric, Richard, & Connor — Easy Going

Stacey was born in New York and moved to Charlotte in 4th grade, so she grew up in the Queen City. She met her husband, Eric, while she was working as a bar manager in Cornelius. He was a well known customer who visited the bar frequently, mostly because he had a crush on the adorable bar manager. Eric went on a trip to Vegas and upon his return, called Stacey. He proceeded to tell her that he had bought her something from Vegas and wanted to give it to her. Eric met up with Stacey, gave her the souvenir, and his card. This was the beginning of their great romance and they have now been married for six years. Stacey commented on her nightmare outdoor wedding at the Peninsula Yacht Club. There was a crazy wind storm that day and it was a disaster. No one could hear anything because of the wind, flowers were flying everywhere, she tripped down the aisle, and everything had to be quickly moved inside. It sounds to me like an outdoor wedding is a no, no! After getting married, Stacey worked for Suntrust Bank and stayed there until she had her babies and became a stay at home mom. For fun, this couple enjoy playing golf together. Mostly Stacey just drives the cart around and Eric plays golf. I hear he is quite good, having played pro for a little while. Stacey and Eric also enjoy having adventures, traveling, going on excursions, and watching the Blue Angels soar through the sky during a show. Stacey’s hobbies include photography and making cakes, which friends often hire her to make cakes for special occasions. She also loves to organize things and says, “I believe everything has its own place.” I’ve finally met my match!

Richard is 5 years old and talks so much that he is known as the “mayor”. He will get into a conversation with anyone and asks many questions, since he wants to know everything. He loves school and playing soccer and tee-ball with his friends. Little Mayor will also perform magic shows and has no stage fright whatsoever. Shocking! Connor is 18 months old and enjoys hitting at the moment. Mom has to keep her eyes on him constantly. It comes to no surprise that Connor wins when having Bay Blade fights with his big brother. Besides being a typical, rowdy boy, he also watches Baby Einstein and the Wiggles, and reads books. After a long day, Connor is tuckered out and goes to bed early. Thank goodness, he is a good sleeper!

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is time management. Trying to balance time to make sure each child has enough mommy or daddy time is often difficult. The best thing is the love you feel from both kids. Every day is filled with laughter and adventure.


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