Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #25

Jennifer & Ellie — Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Jennifer was born in High Point, NC and moved to Boone, NC to attend Appalachian State University. She studied social work for three years and had a part time job as a ski instructor. Although life at App was fun, Jennifer found she was getting nowhere. The decision finally came to move back home to complete college at High Point University and earn an Education degree. After college a friend talked her into moving to Charlotte. She got a job with Bank of America and then Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and has been working with them since. Jennifer met her husband, Dan, at Redrocks in Birkdale Village. Her friends began mingling with his friends and the two hit it off. They had their first date at the G Love & Special Sauce concert and have been married for 3 years now. This laid back pair love to fish, camp, and golf. They also enjoy going to concerts and shows, as well as having dinner and drinks. One of Jen’s favorite things to do is have a few cocktails with friends on the patio. She also likes to cook and work out, although working out is rare these days. In addition, Jen just started a side hobby, selling 31, which are personalized items, such as bags, coolers, etc. Look for this couple during winter 2012 on a show called My First Sale on HGTV. Jennifer and Dan were filmed during their journey of selling their first home and from what I understand, it is quite entertaining!

Ellington Grace, known as Ellie, is 16 months old. She also has many other nicknames, since her daddy is constantly making up new names. Dad’s favorite name is Baby G and mom’s is Tink, short for Tinker Bell. A few of Ellie’s favorite things include outside, water, and her four wheeler. Recently, doggies have taken the lead as Ellie’s greatest obsession. She is quite the sweetheart and one of the most observant children. Ellie walks around and talks to everyone, staring and listening while taking it all in. Jen thinks she is nosy, yet I think she just wants to learn everything. Only time will tell! She is a calm child, never needing any special comfort, such as pacifiers. Her only frustrating moment is in the mornings since she wakes up at 5:00 every morning, raring to go. That must be the nosy side of her ready to see what the world has to offer for the day!

Jennifer’s tip of the day is to go to the Chiropractor for ear infections. Ellie went to the doctor and was put on various medications, which nothing helped. A frustrated mommy began researching alternative solutions. She took Ellie to the chiropractor and they ran a device up the back of her neck. Relief came over her immediately and she hasn’t had an earache since.

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is balancing work, home, and time with Ellie. A working mom often feels guilty. The best thing is just being a mommy. Watching this little creation grow and learn is amazing.


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