Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #34

Nancy, Murphy, & Neve — Soft, yet hard

Nancy was born and raised in Thailand and moved to Charleston, South Carolina when she was 14. She attended Lander University in Greenwood, SC and Trident Tech where she studied criminal justice and sociology. She completed her training and certification at the police academy in Columbia, SC. Nancy was a police officer for 8 years with the Greenville City Police Department. It is strange to think of her in this role because she is so sweet! After 8 years of enforcing the law, she felt herself becoming a different person and needed a change. Her friend was a massage therapist and always looked so calm and carefree, so Nancy looked into it. During this exploration, she took her neice to Boone to snow ski for her 21st birthday. She met a guy while snowboarding and by the end of the trip, they exchanged numbers and he planted the seed that she should live in Charlotte. Nancy moved to Charlotte, bought a house, and attended the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy. Of course she and Scott began dating and have been married for four years. While in massage school, she obtained a wonderful job working at  Tuscan Development as the assistant to the president of the company and put massage therapy on hold. After the economy crash,  Nancy was laid off and became a full time massage therapist. She has been building relationships and learning people’s bodies to help them feel better ever since. She and her husband love going to WVU games, snowboarding, and spending time with their girls. Nancy’s hobbies include cooking, baking cakes, sewing, and doing crafts. I had the pleasure of making a beautiful necklace at Nancy’s house and I’m looking forward to making a mobile for Madison’s room. Thanks for bringing out the crafty side in me Nancy!

Murphy is three years old and a little on the wild side. Nancy commented she was as good as gold, until she hit age 3. Sounds familiar! Murphy loves her baby sister, playing with her and giving little kisses. She likes doing gymnastics and plans on attending a gym this fall. She is also going to preschool this September, thank goodness, since she has become “obsessed” with school. Murphy also enjoys coloring and has really neat crayons made for her dry erase board. This will be good preparation for Kindergarten. Neve is four months old and just a sweet, little Lovey Dovey. She is calm and quiet, most of the time. Neve likes hands, so instead of munching on her own, mommy gives her a banana toothbrush to use.  It is cute to see the girls together, since Murphy looks just like Nancy and Neve looks just like Scott. They have two very different looks, yet are two very adorable girls!

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is letting go and allowing her husband to do his thing. It is often more peaceful when Scott is at work, just because Nancy has the girls running like clock work. The best thing is that it is perfect! “This is what life is all about!”


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