Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #40

Kristina & Ruth — Always Outdoors

Kristina was born in Colorado and lived in just about every area of the US due to her father’s career in the military. Her family finally settled down in Virginia, where her parents currently live. She attended William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and earned her degree in Psychology. During college she met her husband, Micah, while both were working at Staples. They didn’t hit it off right away, so it took some time of getting to know one another before falling in love. Micah was a few years ahead of Kristina, so he graduated and moved to Charlotte while she finished college. They held a long distance relationship until she graduated and moved here to continue their romance. They have been married now for about 8 years. Upon her arrival in Charlotte, Kristina went into human resources as a recruiter for a bank, yet decided it wasn’t for her, so she began looking into getting her Master’s Degree. She attended UNCC where she earned her Masters in Early Childhood Education. While taking classes, she got a job writing curriculum and loved it. Kristina is currently a stay at home mom and teaches a class at UNCC. She and her husband enjoy many activities, mostly those that involve being outside. They go camping, hiking, and indulge in the occasional motorcycle ride when they want to seek a thrill. This pair are also highly competitive and like to play boardgames, especially to beat other couples or family members. For their anniversary, they went miniature golfing and just to avoid any fun banter between the two, she threw the game. Her husband didn’t realize it until the last hole! Kristina’s hobbies consist of yoga and making greeting cards with stamps. She is also interested in getting back into ice skating, even though she states, “I’m not very good!”

Ruth, AKA tooter (because she toots a lot) and moobear, is an outdoors kind of girl who enjoys getting dirty. Her favorite activity is going worm hunting. She loves to dig up worms and bury them in her piles of dirt. Another outdoor activity she likes is going to the Lazy 5 Ranch to feed the animals. This active, curious 2 1/2 year old also has the silly habit of taking off her clothes. “She likes to be naked when running around the house and occasionally in public.” In fact, I witnessed her taking off socks, shoes, and pants. Yes, Ruth was running around in her diaper while having a play date with Madison and I! She is also very verbal and enjoys telling jokes to anyone who will listen. It comes to no surprise that she likes to be the leader and I have no doubt that she will continue leading the pack as she grows older.

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is watching your child when they get hurt, knowing there is nothing you can do but hold them until the pain goes away. The best thing is seeing everything through her eyes. “Everything is fun!”


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