Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #41

Dana & David — Love at first sight

Meadow — Making everyone smile

Lyric — Compassionate & Kind

Dana was born in Lantana, Florida, however, grew up in West Palm Beach. She attended the University of Florida, where she majored in music. After one semester of having fun, Dana moved back home to attend Palm Beach Community College, where she was able to be serious. During this time, she got a job at a Cigar Bar as a personal assistant doing party hosting. She eventually became very busy planning events, so she made the decision to do it full time. Dana met her husband, David, at one of the events. He noticed her and that is all she wrote. David asked her out and they went on a date two days later. After ten days of dating, the two packed up everything they owned and took off on an adventure to start their life together. They stopped in Helen Georgia for a break from the road trip and David proposed to Dana. She knew he was the one and said, “Yes!” They continued their journey and landed in Asheville, North Carolina where they lived in a hotel. Dana got a job at a physical rehabilitation clinic working at the front desk, so they stayed there for a while. Within three weeks of knowing one another, they were engaged and found out that they were going to have a baby! Unbelievable! Dana and David stayed in Asheville for a few months, however, found it difficult for David to find work. Being a massage therapist, he needed a location where he could move forward with his career. He found a job at Massage Envy in Huntersville, so the two moved here. In the middle of all of this, Dana grew homesick, so they tried moving back to Florida, yet found themselves continually discussing how wonderful it is in the Charlotte area. They made the final decision to settle down in Huntersville and have been married now for four years and have two beautiful children. For fun, they love being outdoors, especially to go on hikes. They also enjoy going for day trips to explore and visit new places. Currently the two are training to run a marathon. Dana’s hobbies include reading, visiting the website ‘pintrest’, and photography. You can visit Dana’s website at (

Lyric is almost four years old and loves any sports, mostly baseball and soccer. He also enjoys wearing his pajamas and would live in them if mommy would permit. Being a social butterfly, he likes to play with his friends and take care of them. When his friends fall down, he helps them up and wants to kiss their boo boos. He is gentle, polite, compassionate, but most of all, “the best big brother”. Meadow is seven months old and one of the most mellow, laidback babies around. On any given day, she is all smiles and easy going. Her favorite thing in the world right now, “mommy’s breast”. She also loves her big brother, watching him as he engages in play and giggles when he takes a moment to smile at her and call her “little miss”.

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is not having any alone time or time for yourself. The best thing is all the love and laughter. “They are so funny, it is priceless.”


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