Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #43

Bonnie & Triston — Proud working mom & her little man

Both Bonnie and her husband are originally from New Jersey. She lived there during her youth before attending college at Belmont Abbey, in Belmont, North Carolina. She majored in Business Management and moved to Charlotte to work for Phillip Morris after graduation. She decided to move back home to NJ and met the man of her dreams shortly after while hanging out with some friends at a concert.  Of course, she thought he was good looking and proceeded to ask him out. I like a woman who can take charge! The two were engaged one year later, at a concert, go figure. They were listening to one of her favorite Jersey punk rock bands and to her surprise, the band stopped to say a few words to a special lady in the crowd. The spotlight shone down on her and before she knew it, Adam had the ring in front of her. Needless to say, she was completely swept off her feet as she accepted his proposal to one of their favorite songs, Lean on Sheena. During their engagement, Bonnie decided to make a career change to the field of nursing. The two were married in June 2008 and her life changed forever! They moved to Greenville, NC where she obtained a job in nursing, however, the couple wanted a little more action in their lives, so they moved to Charlotte after 2 years. Bonnie is currently a nurse in the emergency room at Carolina Medical Center North East. For fun, Bonnie and Adam love to go to concerts, enjoying a variety of music. They enjoy being outdoors, swimming & hiking. Their favorite spots around the Charlotte area are Lake Norman and Birkdale Village. Bonnie’s hobbies consist of scrapbooking and cooking, which she would love to pick back up now that her little man is growing older.

Triston, aka T, or Triston Jade (if he is in trouble), will be 2 years old July 25. His absolute favorite things are art and music. In fact, his birthday party is going to be art themed. The kids will even get to decorate their own smocks! Triston also enjoys wagon rides and would stay in there for hours if you let him. He loves his kittys, Dublin and Chanel, or diddys (as he calls them). This baby boy is growing up and will start preschool this fall and mom couldn’t be more pleased at the thought of adding some structure in his life. For fun, Bonnie and Tristen like to go to the Birkdale fountains together and splash around, but their favorite outing is the Cornelius Art Center. This center has drop in art, where you pay a fee of $6 and your child gets to visit various art stations for one hour. That sounds like so much fun, Madison and I are going to join them on their next art adventure!

Bonnie says the hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is keeping up with Triston and allowing him to be independent. She has to separate her nurse mentality from mommy mentality so she doesn’t become too overprotective. The best thing is watching how he copies everything she and her husband do. It is so much fun to watch him pick up life habits just by observing his mom and dad’s actions. Looks like you guys will have to watch what you say and do from now on!


Comments on: "Tot Mom #43" (2)

  1. Michelle said:

    Hey Bonnie,
    That was a great little Bio. I didn’t know all that stuff about you.

    Hope you all are well

  2. Bonnie kazanjian said:

    Thanks so much Shannon! I love the bio, you did great with it! And Michelle…there’s lots you don’t know about me! (Hahaha, just kidding). Playdate soon ladies! 🙂

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