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Tot Mom #16

Melissa & Ava– Home is where the heart is

Melissa is originally from New Jersey and now calls Charlotte her home after having lived in several other parts of the United States. Melissa attended the University of Miami and earned her degree in theater and broadcasting before moving to NYC to work in theater and commercials. She then moved to Los Angeles, California and settled into the film business, working as a set decoration coordinator. During her film days, she met her husband, Mark. They were both working on the set of Spanglish when they fell in love and have now been married for 5 years. What a cool story!  Mark works as a transportation and picture car coordinator for movies. His job entails researching & purchasing the cars that will be used in the film and setting them up for stunts and special effects. Melissa decided to get out of the film business shortly after meeting Mark and went into sales. She has worked for Bank of America in Institutional Investment sales for the past 4 years. This couple loves to go to Birkdale and Uptown Charlotte for dinner and movies, whenever they get a chance for a date. During alone, mommy time, Melissa enjoys any activity in which she can be pampered, including manicures, pedicures, massages, or going shopping. This is a rare occasion, as we all know.

Ava is 22 months old and has come to be known as ‘Bean’. She earned this nickname early on, since she looked like a little jellybean during their first ultrasound. Ava enjoys going to Little Gym, the park, Birkdale fountain, Discovery Kids, and taking walks. She is also quite the little dancer and will dance to the beat to just about any song, however prefers mom’s classic rock, to dad’s country! Reading books and going to bookstores, and Imaginon for readings is also a high priority for this beautiful tot. An adorable trait Ava has is to suck her thumb and play with her hair when she is tired. In fact, she demonstrated this trait during our conversation. Ava is a great sleeper and Melissa takes pride in the fact that she is to thank. Since four months old, she had Ava on a routine and put her to bed every night at 6:30. She would sleep the whole night, not waking up until about 6:30-7:00 in the morning. Now that she is older, Ava goes to bed at 7:30, yet continues to get her 12 hour rest. That is a great feeling for this Tot Mom!

The hardest thing about being a Tot mom is the guilt of wanting alone time. Melissa stated she is grateful for alone time, yet feels sad she is not with Ava. It is a Catch 22. The best thing is every moment she gets to spend with her.