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Tot Mom #41

Dana & David — Love at first sight

Meadow — Making everyone smile

Lyric — Compassionate & Kind

Dana was born in Lantana, Florida, however, grew up in West Palm Beach. She attended the University of Florida, where she majored in music. After one semester of having fun, Dana moved back home to attend Palm Beach Community College, where she was able to be serious. During this time, she got a job at a Cigar Bar as a personal assistant doing party hosting. She eventually became very busy planning events, so she made the decision to do it full time. Dana met her husband, David, at one of the events. He noticed her and that is all she wrote. David asked her out and they went on a date two days later. After ten days of dating, the two packed up everything they owned and took off on an adventure to start their life together. They stopped in Helen Georgia for a break from the road trip and David proposed to Dana. She knew he was the one and said, “Yes!” They continued their journey and landed in Asheville, North Carolina where they lived in a hotel. Dana got a job at a physical rehabilitation clinic working at the front desk, so they stayed there for a while. Within three weeks of knowing one another, they were engaged and found out that they were going to have a baby! Unbelievable! Dana and David stayed in Asheville for a few months, however, found it difficult for David to find work. Being a massage therapist, he needed a location where he could move forward with his career. He found a job at Massage Envy in Huntersville, so the two moved here. In the middle of all of this, Dana grew homesick, so they tried moving back to Florida, yet found themselves continually discussing how wonderful it is in the Charlotte area. They made the final decision to settle down in Huntersville and have been married now for four years and have two beautiful children. For fun, they love being outdoors, especially to go on hikes. They also enjoy going for day trips to explore and visit new places. Currently the two are training to run a marathon. Dana’s hobbies include reading, visiting the website ‘pintrest’, and photography. You can visit Dana’s website at (

Lyric is almost four years old and loves any sports, mostly baseball and soccer. He also enjoys wearing his pajamas and would live in them if mommy would permit. Being a social butterfly, he likes to play with his friends and take care of them. When his friends fall down, he helps them up and wants to kiss their boo boos. He is gentle, polite, compassionate, but most of all, “the best big brother”. Meadow is seven months old and one of the most mellow, laidback babies around. On any given day, she is all smiles and easy going. Her favorite thing in the world right now, “mommy’s breast”. She also loves her big brother, watching him as he engages in play and giggles when he takes a moment to smile at her and call her “little miss”.

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is not having any alone time or time for yourself. The best thing is all the love and laughter. “They are so funny, it is priceless.”


Tot Mom #38

                                    Emma & Mama’s Boy

Emma, Kylee, Chloe, & Liam — Young Love

Emma was born in Romania and lived there until the age of 6. She and her family moved around a little, having lived in Oregon, California, and finally Chicago, where they have been settled for 20 years. She met her husband, Cosmin, at a wedding when she was 15 years old and they have been head over heels ever since. They are both Christian and made the decision to save themselves for marriage. After 4 years of dating, the two tied the knot and have been married now for 9 years. Emma stated that she feels blessed to have such a sweet husband and has cherished seeing him every day for the past 13 years. Fairy tale love is real!  Emma had a wonderful job in Chicago at Neiman Marcus before becoming a stay at home mom. The two moved to Huntersville 3 months ago for Cosmin to continue his career at Sprint Nascar as a computer technician. For fun, they enjoy street racing and are proud to say that they own a Mitsubishi Evo, which is just as fast as an exotic car. I’ll take your word for it! Street racing has come to a halt since they have 3 children, so Cosmin likes to drive the Evo to work. Emma said the engine is loud and she can hear her husband coming down the street every evening from work. Her hobby consists of playing the guitar and singing. She used to sing gospel at her church and looks forward to getting back into music soon.  We had the pleasure of hearing Emma play the guitar and sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Madison watched and listened intently as the sweet music filled the air. What a treat!

Kylee, Chloe, & Liam are all under the age of 6 and mommy had them all before reaching 26. Kylee is 5 and the stubborn one in the group. When she comes home each day from Kindergarten, “All hell breaks loose!” Emma has accepted she can’t change Kylee’s character, so she has revamped the way she disciplines her. Kylee is into Hello  Kitty and loves to sing. She and mommy do duets together and Emma admits she is good. Shopping and going out anywhere are high priorities for this little Vixon. You name it, she will be there! Chloe is 2 1/2 years old and the lamb of the family. She is very calm, never cries, and is considered to be the “perfect child”. Her favorite thing to do is play with her toy story dolls, which she has many. She also has a large bronco in the living room, which she likes to ride like Jessie, the cowgirl from Toy Story. Liam is 11 months old and a “mama’s boy”. He is obsessed with his mommy and attached at the hip. Emma even has to cook while holding him. He likes to play with his sisters and bug them, when he isn’t climbing on mama.

The hardest thing about being a tot mom of 3 is not having help. The best thing is just having them, they are a blessing.

Tot Mom #34

Nancy, Murphy, & Neve — Soft, yet hard

Nancy was born and raised in Thailand and moved to Charleston, South Carolina when she was 14. She attended Lander University in Greenwood, SC and Trident Tech where she studied criminal justice and sociology. She completed her training and certification at the police academy in Columbia, SC. Nancy was a police officer for 8 years with the Greenville City Police Department. It is strange to think of her in this role because she is so sweet! After 8 years of enforcing the law, she felt herself becoming a different person and needed a change. Her friend was a massage therapist and always looked so calm and carefree, so Nancy looked into it. During this exploration, she took her neice to Boone to snow ski for her 21st birthday. She met a guy while snowboarding and by the end of the trip, they exchanged numbers and he planted the seed that she should live in Charlotte. Nancy moved to Charlotte, bought a house, and attended the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy. Of course she and Scott began dating and have been married for four years. While in massage school, she obtained a wonderful job working at  Tuscan Development as the assistant to the president of the company and put massage therapy on hold. After the economy crash,  Nancy was laid off and became a full time massage therapist. She has been building relationships and learning people’s bodies to help them feel better ever since. She and her husband love going to WVU games, snowboarding, and spending time with their girls. Nancy’s hobbies include cooking, baking cakes, sewing, and doing crafts. I had the pleasure of making a beautiful necklace at Nancy’s house and I’m looking forward to making a mobile for Madison’s room. Thanks for bringing out the crafty side in me Nancy!

Murphy is three years old and a little on the wild side. Nancy commented she was as good as gold, until she hit age 3. Sounds familiar! Murphy loves her baby sister, playing with her and giving little kisses. She likes doing gymnastics and plans on attending a gym this fall. She is also going to preschool this September, thank goodness, since she has become “obsessed” with school. Murphy also enjoys coloring and has really neat crayons made for her dry erase board. This will be good preparation for Kindergarten. Neve is four months old and just a sweet, little Lovey Dovey. She is calm and quiet, most of the time. Neve likes hands, so instead of munching on her own, mommy gives her a banana toothbrush to use.  It is cute to see the girls together, since Murphy looks just like Nancy and Neve looks just like Scott. They have two very different looks, yet are two very adorable girls!

The hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is letting go and allowing her husband to do his thing. It is often more peaceful when Scott is at work, just because Nancy has the girls running like clock work. The best thing is that it is perfect! “This is what life is all about!”

Tot Mom #17

Tripp, Evan, & Rebecca– On the go

Rebecca was born in St. Louis, yet calls Kansas City her hometown. When she was a child, her family moved around a great deal due to her father’s job with IBM. They moved from St. Louis, to Atlanta (where her sister was born), to Texas, to Illinois, and finally Kansas City. Rebecca moved to the Charlotte area to go to Davidson College and she has lived here ever since. She graduated with a degree in Math (one of eight students in her class) and now works for Verigent, LLC, which is an IT staffing company. She and her husband (Trip) met in college at a party. Believe it or not, he owned a local Dominos and was the youngest franchisee in Domino history. They have been together for 18 years and got married on their 6th anniversary. Rebecca and Trip love to travel, go on cruises, and visit warm regions. Prior to having Evan, their traveling occurred more often! This Tot Mom also enjoys reading, specifically murder mysteries. Having a nice, quiet evening curled up with a great book is the best way to relax and have a mommy moment.

Evan, also known as Little E, is sixteen months old and has started walking recently within the last week. Mommy and daddy are very excited! Just wait guys, it gets even better. What I noticed about Little E the most is that he is always smiling. It must be easy to entertain him since he loves just about everything. His favorite thing to do lately is to play with blocks. He takes them all out of the box, then puts them all back. Or he will shake the box and they spill out and he puts them back. Fun! I wish I could be entertained like this, life would be much simpler. Evan also likes to play Boo. He places his hands over his face and lets go, shouting “Boo!” Like mommy, he will also sit in his chair and read books. Besides going to Little Gym, Evan and mommy go to the Huntersville aquatic center and will be taking swim lessons this summer. Good luck, Evan, you are going to be great.

Rebecca told me the hardest thing about being a Tot Mom is getting Evan to hurry up so they can reach their destinations on time. He is often in a great mood and just takes his good old time. The best thing is when he sees her, his face lights up. They could be in a room full of people and when he makes eye contact with her, it is like he knows everything is going to be fine.

Tot Mom #15

Kathryn & Vivian — The story of love

Kathryn is from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania  and attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. After graduating with a degree in Technical Writing, she moved to Los Angeles California to pursue her dream of screen writing. Her career took an alternative route as she moved into the world of technical writing, which consists of writing user manuals, training guides, etc. As Kathryn put it, “I wrote everything that nobody reads.” We had a nice laugh with that comment. Kathryn moved to Charlotte in 2004 to help take care of her grandmother. Along with her move, she switched gears on the work front and joined Real Estate with Coldwell Bankers. After a short while, she decided to open her own Real Estate Company,  Dream Realty. Kathryn left realty to get back to her writing “roots” and is now a business process analyst. It’s a great job because she gets to travel occasionally and work at home part-time, meaning more time with Vivian. Dream Realty is still alive and well, however, because it is now run by Merrill, her husband. She and Merrill met each other through and have been married for three years next month. For fun, this couple enjoy multiple activities. They love going to concerts and live shows, as well as baseball games, particularly to see the Charlotte Knights. Their favorite places to dine include The Liberty and Sullivans, located in the south end of Charlotte. Kathryn used to be pretty athletic, having run in several sprint triathalons, 5 ks, and 10 ks, along with being an avid tennis player. She is hoping to get back into the groove and lose the baby weight, “if you can still call it baby weight”, as Kathryn put it. It came to no surprise when I asked Kathryn about her hobbies and she began discussing creative writing. She has a great passion for writing and still pictures herself writing a screen play some day. As she spoke about her life in Los Angeles, there was a spark in her eyes. She went on to tell me about her moment in the spotlight when she pitched a show in Hollywood to Carsey-Werner Productions (That 70’s show, The Cosby Show). Needless to say, her show was not chosen, yet she continues to smile and say, “One day!”

Vivian, also known as Viv or Vivi, is 18 months old. She is 34 inches tall and Kathryn says the height comes from her husband. Vivian is one of those babies you hear about that does everything a little early for her age. She started walking at 10 months and has been talking since she greeted the world. Being a talker, she knows many words, including the adorable “night,night” she whispers to mommy before laying down to sleep. Vivian is also a lover of water! In fact, Madi and I met them while playing in the Birkdale Fountain. Vivian was walking through the water as it shot up from the ground and didn’t even mind the fact that she was fully clothed. In addition to playing in water, she also enjoys playing at Freedom Park and climbing on everything. Kathryn stated, ” She is going to give me a heart attack!” Don’t worry, mom, the fun has just begun.

Kathryn told me the hardest thing about being a tot mom is keeping up and chasing an 18 month old. The best thing,however, is the unconditional love, happiness, and shear joy when she sees her mommy. She continued on to say that if she knew motherhood was going to be like this, she would have started years ago.

Tot Mom #14

Ashley & Harlow — Speed Demons, or should I say, Angels

Harlow — Water Baby

Can you take a guess where Ashley was born and raised? This city is in Indiana and has become well known, as some say, for hosting the fastest, richest race in the world. That’s right, she is from Indianapolis, home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. If I was a betting girl, I would bet money that the Indianapolis 500 sparked a passion through Ashley, since her career is in NASCAR. She attended Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, and majored in Business Marketing and International Studies, with a minor in Spanish. After graduating, she moved to Charlotte in 2006 and landed one of the coolest jobs to date. Ashley does marketing for Red Bull Racing Team, which is home to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Brian Vickers and Kasey Kahne. She used to also do PR for the team, which required her to travel to all 38 races each year. After having Harlow in 2009, she switched to a Marketing job and only travels to 15 races each year, leaving more time to spend with Harlow. She met her husband in 2007 through some mutual friends in the sport. Both having a love for the sport, it was only natural they hit it off and have been married now for over 2 years. During their free time, they enjoy boating on LKN, wakeboarding, attending concerts, and attending The Cove Church in Mooresville. On Tuesday evenings, they go to Charlotte One, in downtown Charlotte, which holds a special, more modern service for young couples to enjoy music. Being married to a preacher’s son myself, I think this is something we may need to try out! Pre mommy days, Ashley used to love running and ran in several mini marathons. Now being a tot mom, she is unable to find the time to get back into running, yet somehow manages to stay in great shape. How do you do it?

Harlow is 19 months old and one of the tallest babies in our Little Gym class. Ashley stated she doesn’t know where Harlow gets her height, neither she nor her husband are tall people. A nickname that stuck with Harlow is “Puff”. Ashley doesn’t have a clue where or how the name started, she just started saying it. It might have something to do with the fact that “Puff” is a great eater. Ashley takes full credit for her baby’s love of fresh fruits and vegetables, since she has made all of her food from scratch. One tip from this tot mom is to always make the food from scratch so the nutrients remain in the food. Ashley purees the fruits and vegetables and stores them in ice cube trays in the freezer. Once the food freezes, she pops out each cube into Ziploc bags, so she knows portion size. I was literally mesmerized with this information and will definitely take Ashley’s advice. For fun, Harlow likes to color, play play-dough, and push her baby stroller at night around the neighborhood with mommy. She has also grown an obsession for water, so Ashley is going to give her swim lessons this summer, since she used to teach swim to babies and toddlers. Besides Discovery Place and Little Gym, one of their favorite places to have a mommy/daughter date is the Tot Lot in Davidson. This large playground is fenced in and consists of a huge sandbox already furnished with toys, as well as many riding toys located around a circle sidewalk. Yet again, another place Madi and I need to visit!

Ashley stated the hardest thing about being a tot mom is working full time and traveling, while having a husband who also works full time and travels. They never feel like they spend enough time with Harlow, so every minute counts. The best thing is everything. You don’t know what love is until you have a child. So True!

Tot Mom #13

Stacy & Eryn — Sugar and Spice

Stacy was a Michigan girl, born and raised, and attended Michigan State where she earned her degree in Kinesiology (sports medicine). She is a Radiology Tech at CHS and giggled as she shared this with me because it has nothing to do with her degree.  Growing tired of the cold weather, she decided to move somewhere a little warmer. She had some friends who lived in Atlanta, Georgia, so off she went to the land of peaches. Her friends threw a big barbecue for Memorial Day the first weekend she was there, and low and behold, she met her future husband, Derek. This couple is a perfect match for one another, both of them being soft spoken and sweet in their demeanor. As I was having a conversation with them, I found myself trying to lower my voice, which is a good thing!  They have been together for six years and married for two and now have a beautiful baby girl, Eryn. Stacy and Derek have only had the pleasure of living in the Queen City for one year. They moved to Charlotte last year so Derek could pursue his career of computer programming for Aon Hewitt. For fun, this couple love to go to movies, dinner, and bowling. Their favorite spot is University Lanes. Stacy loves to read and will read anything, partly because she enjoys the alone time. Keep on reading, mommy, you deserve it!

Eryn is seventeen months old and goes by the nickname ‘Snooky’. Dad said when she was first born, he took one look at her in the bassinet and said, “She looks like a snooky.” Eryn loves to be outside and enjoys taking strolls with mommy down on the boardwalk on Harris Boulevard. As they stroll, she loves to people watch and will say hello to just about anyone. Her favorite thing to do is catch people off guard and startle them by running up and shouting “HEY”! Eryn also likes dancing and will turn the music on in her room and dance in the crib. Like most babies, she also adores bubbles. She has a hippo bubble machine and just can’t get enough! This fun loving tot is energetic and outgoing, so I have a feeling mom and dad won’t be soft spoken for very long.

Stacy says the hardest thing about being a tot mom is not having much mommy time. It is all about the baby and they come first, which they should, but it is hard sometimes when you need some quiet time. The best thing, she continues, is that it is all worth it!