Madison (my tot) and I have a goal to meet 365 Moms & their tots.

Tot Mom #13

Stacy & Eryn — Sugar and Spice

Stacy was a Michigan girl, born and raised, and attended Michigan State where she earned her degree in Kinesiology (sports medicine). She is a Radiology Tech at CHS and giggled as she shared this with me because it has nothing to do with her degree.  Growing tired of the cold weather, she decided to move somewhere a little warmer. She had some friends who lived in Atlanta, Georgia, so off she went to the land of peaches. Her friends threw a big barbecue for Memorial Day the first weekend she was there, and low and behold, she met her future husband, Derek. This couple is a perfect match for one another, both of them being soft spoken and sweet in their demeanor. As I was having a conversation with them, I found myself trying to lower my voice, which is a good thing!  They have been together for six years and married for two and now have a beautiful baby girl, Eryn. Stacy and Derek have only had the pleasure of living in the Queen City for one year. They moved to Charlotte last year so Derek could pursue his career of computer programming for Aon Hewitt. For fun, this couple love to go to movies, dinner, and bowling. Their favorite spot is University Lanes. Stacy loves to read and will read anything, partly because she enjoys the alone time. Keep on reading, mommy, you deserve it!

Eryn is seventeen months old and goes by the nickname ‘Snooky’. Dad said when she was first born, he took one look at her in the bassinet and said, “She looks like a snooky.” Eryn loves to be outside and enjoys taking strolls with mommy down on the boardwalk on Harris Boulevard. As they stroll, she loves to people watch and will say hello to just about anyone. Her favorite thing to do is catch people off guard and startle them by running up and shouting “HEY”! Eryn also likes dancing and will turn the music on in her room and dance in the crib. Like most babies, she also adores bubbles. She has a hippo bubble machine and just can’t get enough! This fun loving tot is energetic and outgoing, so I have a feeling mom and dad won’t be soft spoken for very long.

Stacy says the hardest thing about being a tot mom is not having much mommy time. It is all about the baby and they come first, which they should, but it is hard sometimes when you need some quiet time. The best thing, she continues, is that it is all worth it!


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